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Another Cold Forecast: Tumbling Temperatures Set To Hit Denver And Surrounding Areas

Winter alley

Are you prepared? Can your pipes withstand the cold temperatures coming our way? A few precautions:

What’s In Store For Us. Weather this cold means:

  • Treacherous travel,
  • Exposed skin at risk of frostbite in 10 minutes or less,
  • The opening of weather shelters throughout the area, and
  • Trouble with pipes!

How To Prepare.

  • Personally, you should stay inside, if at all possible. If you have to go outside, count on a big hat, a down coat (or wool), cover up as much skin as possible and use hand and feet warmers.
  • If you plan on hitting the road, look out for flash freezing on the roads. Expect icy highways and bridges. Make sure you8r car is in good working condition and batteries that are in good shape. While in the car, bring a blanket, water, flashlight and maybe a few snacks.
  • Preparing your home or business is another matter. A deep freeze can cause thousands of dollars in damage to property. Here’s what you can do to prepare.
  • Leave some water dripping from faucets. This will keep water moving through those pipes.
  • Keep gutters clear to prevent an ice dam.
  • Open cabinets in the kitchen to help keep pipes warm.
  • Set your heater to a few degrees warmer. It may cost a little more but a warmer house might prevent frozen pipes and thousands of dollars in damage.
  • Cover exposed pipes with foam rubber or fiberglass and secure it with tape.
  • Perform a maintenance check on the inside of your home.
  • Apply as many tips as possible to protect your home or business – prior to the freeze.

Beware Of Fires.
With the cold, chimney fires become more likely. There are things you can do to considerably decrease your risk for a chimney fire. Building smaller, hotter fires using the proper wood and starting materials is a start. Here are more tips. If a chimney fire results at your house, get everyone out of the house quickly – including yourself. Then call the fire department.

When Preparation Fails. Sometimes despite our best efforts, the unfortunate happens. Quick action can minimize damage and expense to your home. If you need help identifying damage or restoring your property, call Restoration 1 of West Denver today at 720-605-2994. We can assess the full extent of damage, both unseen and visible, and walk you through the process of restoring your property.