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Boulder County Offers Wildfire Mitigation Rebate Program

We’ve seen our share of wildfire damage servicing customers who have been affected by fire. It’s never good. The damage can be devastating, and remediation can take months. Hoping to allay the damage caused by wildfires, Boulder County is offering up to $500 to Boulder County residents who take steps to protect their homes and communities from wildfire. The rebate program is offered to all residents who are actively taking steps to reduce the spread of wildfire. There are several actions that qualify for the $500 rebate. Any resident who completes one or more of the following actions is eligible for the rebate.

  1. Junk Your Junipers is an effort to remove these highly flammable plants. If these plants are near your home, it’s quite likely that your home could be impacted by wildfire. Learn more.
  2. The First Five Feet surrounding your home are critical to the survival of the home. Protecting this area by using noncombustible materials is vital. Learn more.
  3. Fences Are Fuses around the home – particularly those fences that are attached to the home. Replacing fencing with noncombustible material may help save your home in the event of a wildfire. Learn more.
  4. Screen Or Replace Vents around your home – embers from a fire are less likely to get into your interior if you screen vents with flame-resistant materials. Learn more.

The rebate program is open to all Boulder County residents, including all municipalities and the City of Boulder. Residents who own or rent a home in Boulder County and follow eligible wildfire mitigation actions, can apply for the rebate. Qualifying work and materials must be used on the property located in Boulder County. Hurry: Applications must be received by October 31, 2024.

For more information and to apply for a rebate, please visit wildfirepartners.org/rebate