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Drywall and Water Issues in Aurora

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When there is water damage within a home or business, drywall is frequently an issue. While drywall is a low-cost and versatile material for interior construction, it has a very limited resistance to water exposure. Customers, and insurance adjusters, often want to salvage as much drywall as possible. Restoration companies must companies must consider the options – either drying and treating wet drywall versus removing it and installing new.

Consider the water source and the time factor. A professional remediation company must look at the source of the water issue and also the length of time since the water intrusion. If the source of the water damage is from a supply line or a fresh-water source, professionals may be able to dry the material. That also depends however, on how long the water affected the building materials before mediation was initiated. If the water sat for less than 48 hours, we can typically dry and treat these materials in place with minimal to no demolition. This particular situation would be called a Category 1 water episode in our industry.

Other water sources. If however, the water intrusion resulted from a sewer or drain source, professional restoration companies would remove any porous materials like drywall and insulation. The structural or framing components would then be treated and dried. These types of water episodes are considered Category 2 and 3 losses.

One more consideration. As a result of water loss and the demolition of building materials, it’s also important to have the home site tested for asbestos. Some materials in homes, especially homes built before the 1970s, may contain asbestos. If these materials are left undisturbed, there is no danger to the homeowner. However, in homes that are undergoing renovation, asbestos can often be found in the building materials and pose a risk to anyone living in the home.

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