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Evergreen Terrain and Flooding


Coupled with our climate, Evergreen terrain can lead to serious flooding.

If you are lucky enough to live or work in Evergreen, CO you know the recreational activities this area offers both residents and businesses. It can be hard to decide what to do – skiing in the mountains (choose between downhill and cross country), hiking, swimming and fishing – we have an assortment of activities from which to choose! We are so lucky that we can spend quality outdoor time with our friends and family. And that outdoor time is enhanced by the beautiful terrain and tall evergreens.

But a friendly reminder to everyone living in Evergreen – that terrain, coupled with our climate, can also lead to serious flooding. Flooding can cause tremendous damage to a home or business. When this happens, restoration businesses are faced with numerous calls since these events can impact thousands of homes and businesses.

It’s not just flood. The rapid flow of water also brings contaminants into homes and businesses from outside, causing damage to property. The contaminants also present a serious health risk. According to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) https://www.iicrc.org/, all such flooding is classified as Category 3 damage. In Category 3 situations, the IICRC recommends that all porous materials be removed and properly disposed of because of the obvious damage and the difficulty in sanitizing such materials. Porous materials include: carpet, pad, upholstered furniture, drywall, particle board furniture, paper, cardboard, insulation and other materials. Fortunately, structural wood is classified as “semi-porous” and can be successfully sanitized and remain in place. The same is true for solid wood furniture, although the furniture will probably need to be refinished – which should be considered in evaluating the save/dispose decision.

Flooding doesn’t just happen in low lying areas. While we may think of valleys when we hear about areas seriously affected by flooding, the truth is that it can also happen when snow melts too fast. Floods are the most common and widespread of all weather-related disasters.

Extent of damage. In many instances, the damage from flooding is simply beyond the ability of most property owners. It’s possible that there is damage to areas of a home that may not be obvious to the homeowner – areas such as behind bath and shower inserts, under cabinets and in crawl spaces. A professional restoration business has the equipment, supplies and trained staff to properly deal with damage resulting from an over-the-ground flood.

Evergreen’s answer. We really don’t mean to be “downers.” We love this area! And if you are unfortunate enough to have water damage, we understand the stress and worry of the situation. Turning to Restoration 1 is an easy answer to the problem. First off, we’re professionals. We know how to restore property and we have the technicians and equipment to handle your situation quickly and easily. Our technicians are well-trained and even certified by the IICRC. Let us do our “magic” and restore your property as well as your peace-of-mind. Give us a call at 720-573-2568 if you experience any water, smoke, fire or mold emergency. We’ll respond immediately and get you up and running as quickly as possible.