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Heavy Rains Expected For Denver And Surrounding Areas

Torrential rain on the road and on the sidewalk watering cars standing at the crossroads.

The Denver area forecast for this weekend includes significant rainfall. The expected showers and thunderstorms are a remnant of Tropical Storm Harold, which made landfall on Tuesday in Texas. According to the Weather Channel, the storm pivoted west and then north with a high pressure system that is forecast to bring dangerous heat to the Midwest.

Because we are not affected by hurricanes, sometimes we don’t recognize how dangerous a tropical storm can be. Practically speaking, either a hurricane or tropical storm can produce significant damage, including wind, rain, storm surge, mud, debris and even mold.

Insurance Reminder. And before we forget, if you haven’t had time to call your insurance agent before this storm, it’s wise to speak with them soon about what type of coverage you have and what damages would be covered in the event of a storm.

What damage can we expect? Tropical storms can cause significant damage in our area. Wind and water combined are likely to cause the most damage to property. Flooding is the major threat. You can also expect mudslides, heavy rain and flying debris. It’s not unusual for a tropical storm to cause thousands of dollars in damage to homes and businesses. Some of this damage may include:

  • Major roof and siding damage, even on well-constructed homes.
  • Shallowly rooted trees may become uprooted. Roads may be blocked as a result.
  • Damage to critical infrastructure systems. Power loss should be anticipated. Make sure you have supplies in case the outage lasts for a longer period.
  • Flooded homes, particularly low-level homes and basements.
  • Roof damage caused by high winds. Gutter damage is quite common.
  • Fallen trees on structures – both residential and commercial properties may be affected.
  • Broken windows from felled trees and branches. If this occurs, expect water intrusion throughout the property.
  • HVAC damage may occur, either from power outages or fallen trees or branches.
  • Automobile damage, particularly from flying debris.

Call Restoration 1 of West Denver (720-605-2994 ) at the first sign of damage.

Water Damage. Restoration 1 of West Denver is the water damage expert you can trust. We’ve had experience with all kinds of water disasters and can often detect problem areas that other companies may not. Our state-of-the-art equipment can also make the difference between saving wood floors and demolishing them. Technology, skills, talent, training and experience can make a huge difference in what is recoverable, and the timeframe needed to your home or office to working condition. When your Denver property sustains damage from a leak or flood, give us a call immediately.

Mold Damage. If your property has sustained major flood damage, you need a restoration contractor that can make the necessary repairs, but ALSO assess the area for the presence of mold. Mold can form in areas that have taken on water – and if not treated, mold can and will spread to other areas. It’s not something you want to delay or take lightly. The presence of mold can have adverse health effects, so it’s important to seek expert mold remediation & inspection directly following a water event. At Restoration 1 of West Denver, we have the tools, training and expertise to take on mold issues, whether they are small or large. Our technicians know how to remove all traces of mold and get your property back to a safe and habitable state.

Emergency Service. Whether the disaster hits during the day or in the middle of the night, we’re available. We understand the panic you feel and that’s why we offer 24/7 damaged property restoration to residential and commercial property owners. We’ll dispatch our technicians immediately to inspect the damage and form a plan to return your property to a safe and habitable state.