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Performing Exterior and Interior Pre-Winter Maintenance in Denver

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Before it gets too cold – and too snowy – it’s a good time to prepare your home and property for our unpredictable winter weather conditions. This is always the time of the year when we get calls for flooded houses as a result of freezing pipes. And sometimes there are calls as a result of fires, started in the dryer, kitchen area or fireplaces.

Sunny days, wind, rain, ice or snow – this time of year brings the unpredictable.  Being prepared for bad weather is half the battle. We’ve put together a checklist of areas to examine before the winter sets in.

Exterior Home Maintenance

Check your walkways and driveway for cracks. If water seeps in and freezes the cracks can become potholes. Save some time and money now – fill in the cracks or resurface the driveway and sidewalks. Power washing also works wonders and is relatively inexpensive – especially this time of the year. If you need to get rid of slippery moss or discolored surfaces, try power washing the surface. Consider hiring a professional to do this for you – not only do they know what kind of pressure to apply to your surface, but they also have special tools that scrub the area. Either way, be sure to check for cracks after washing.

Inspect your roof. Consider hiring a professional to look at wear and tear, curling, buckling or cracked shingles to determine the need for replacement. In many cases, the life of a roof can be extended with the proper maintenance. If there’s a lot of damage, it may be time for a new roof. This is also the time to check for leaks around skylights – you don’t want water coming in from above.

Clean your gutters. Remove leaves and other debris from the gutters and drainpipes to avoid clogging. Faucets should be drained but you can also freeze proof your outside faucets – replacing the existing faucets now will save your pipes from bursting later.

Don’t forget your windows. Now’s the time to take down your window screens, clean and store them and replace them with storm windows. This is also a good time to consider your window treatments – the right ones can help with lighting and heating, reducing energy costs inside. There are very attractive window films that can be applied to windows that not only protect your furniture from sun damage, but also help to keep the cold air outside. Finally, the changing temps can affect the window seals. Check for cracked and shrinking seals, repair cracks, and install weather stripping to avoid major drafts and higher energy costs.

Prevent the outside from creeping in. It’s a small thing, but muddy, wet or sandy shoes can track dirt, gravel and water inside. At the entryway, be sure to place a strong basket or storage bench to hold all the dirty shoes and boots.

Interior Home Maintenance

Inspect your attic. Check the attic for signs of moisture and mold. These signs can point to poor air ventilation. During the winter, good ventilation in your attic is critical and can help prevent ice problems on the roof. While you’re in the attic, check on your insulation. By covering exposed areas, you can prevent warmer air from escaping the house, adding to your energy costs.

Check your clothes dryer exhaust. This is really something that should be checked regularly, but with cooler weather on the horizon, checking it now can prevent problems later. While your looking at the exhaust, consider cleaning the lint from behind the dryer.

Maintain your fireplace. If you didn’t have the fireplace checked at the end of last winter, consider hiring a chimney sweep. Not only can this step prevent fires during the winter, but the inspection might find beehives, birds nests or rodents that occupy the flue!

Be safe. Check your smoke detectors and change batteries. If you don’t have carbon monoxide detectors, consider buying one for every level of your home.

Fall is the time for furnace maintenance check. If you have a maintenance agreement, you probably have the option for 2 maintenance checks. Consider scheduling one now.

Get your blankets ready! The cold weather has a way of creeping up quickly. When you want a blanket, you want it NOW. Consider washing or dry cleaning your blankets now – before you need them.

Your home or business deserves some attention during the year. A few checks here and there can prevent disaster later.