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Biohazard Cleanup: Including Crime, Trauma and Hoarding

Biohazard team with stretcher walking on street

Restoration 1 of West Denver is the premier remediation expert in the Metro Denver area. We handle cleanup of home and offices as a result of water damage, smoke or fire. When excessive moisture is a problem that leads to mold, we provide prompt assessment of the problem for both home and business owners and can remove mold as needed.

There are some situations that fall outside of the normal, everyday experience. If you are experiencing a cleanup that is extraordinary, Restoration 1 of West Denver is here to help – no matter the circumstances. Here are some of the situations we can tackle for you:

  • After death, a tragic accident, chemical spills, the fabrication of drugs, or in the case of infectious, communicable diseases, Restoration 1 of West Denver can provide cleanup services quickly and efficiently. Our technicians are trained to expertly handle biohazards by isolating, cleaning, disinfecting and decontaminating each surface as needed. We handle each situation with care by assessing and designing a specific field-tested action plan suited to the problem.
  • Whether it’s a death, car accident or other violent occurrence in a home or office, Restoration 1 can completely clean and disinfect the area and provide some level of peace of mind to those affected. This type of cleanup often means dealing with blood, human or animal remains. We work professionally and diligently to restore the area to the condition prior to the trauma. And our technicians resolve the problem with the utmost care and respect.
  • The excessive storage of goods can result in an urgent cleanup problem. Degradation of property and inhabitable spaces require a higher level of cleanup. This problem is too extensive for most people to tackle on their own. The technicians at Restoration 1 are equipped with the right technology, tools and training to handle a hoarding cleanup situation.

Restoration 1 of West Denver understands the emotional and physical difficulties involved with the cleanup of any of these situations. While we are trained to clean, deodorize, disinfect and decontaminate areas, we also exhibit a sympathetic attitude to all involved. We also use the right equipment and the proper cleaning compounds – cleaning components that are designed to handle specific problems. We are professionals, trained to handle your cleanup problems with experience and expertise. Please give us a call at 720-605-2994 if you are experiencing any of the cleanup situations described above.