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Factors to Consider When Hiring Restoration Contractors

When an emergency hits, you need a reliable company – one that you can trust – to assess the problem honestly and provide both an estimate and time frame to complete the job. After water, fire or smoke damage in your home or business, it’s easy to feel vulnerable. You probably have little knowledge when it comes to restoration and you need to make sure that the job will be done properly. You don’t want to discover, 6 months later, that some of the work was shoddy and needs to be redone.

We get it. When a disaster occurs, every quote you get from restoration contractors will be different. The technology used and the amount of equipment available differs with each company. When you are in need of restoration services – following water, fire or smoke damage in your home – it’s good to know who to call! We are the number 1 restoration company serving the Front Range. Here’s how we are  different from other companies.

  1. Specialize In Drying Materials. Restoration 1 is the best restoration service company in the area when it comes to drying property. All Restoration 1 senior technicians learn firsthand how to dry different surfaces most effectively at the Dewald School of Structural Drying. We invest in educating our technicians because this instruction allows us to dry your property as fast as possible – with less or no demo of affected materials. We use the latest drying equipment and technical expertise. In fact, we have over 500 pieces of drying equipment. We can handle small jobs, as well as large commercial facilities. One note here – if the water damage in your home is related to CAT3 losses owing to sewage, demo will probably need to be performed for health reasons.
  2. Adhere to Health Protocols. Your restoration contractor should be thoroughly versed on health protocols when it comes to reconstruction after an emergency. Restoration 1 wants to make doubly sure that families or co-workers are safe. Our job demands specific attention to drying procedures, mold and asbestos exposure. To assure our clients and to hold ourselves accountable, we ask a Hygienist to inspect the property and write protocols for safety inspections. Once the job is complete, the hygienist then performs a final inspection, making sure the job was completed to the standards defined previously.
  3. Handle Both Mitigation and Rebuild. Most restoration contractors will remediate fire, smoke or water damage and then turn the project over to a contractor for rebuild. Adding a third party can cause issues later if problems turn up during the rebuild. Restoration 1 does both – remediation and rebuild.
  4. Perform Restoration on Any Size Job. We work with both homeowners and business owners, so whether your emergency requires a small drywall patch job or involves a 100,000 square foot commercial facility, we have both the manpower and equipment to complete the project smoothly, efficiently and properly.


The above abilities separate Restoration 1 from our competitors. We are also a local business, owned by a husband and wife team who live where we work. Our reputation is important to us for a number of reasons. The owner is also a degreed environmental engineer.

Trust Your Home Or Business To The Best. We are committed to being available 24/7 when an emergency occurs in your home or commercial building. We stand behind the outstanding work we perform and we don’t complete the project until you are fully satisfied with the results. Please give Restoration 1 a call at 720-605-2994 or visit our website for more information on Restoration 1 and our water damage experts.