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Remodeling Your Space


Frequent Questions and Answers About Remodeling

While it may seem weird that a Restoration company does remodeling, when you think about what we do following an emergency, it actually makes perfect sense! Often our crews are tearing out drywall, replacing floors and rebuilding cabinets – to name a few. So it made sense to us to hire a contractor who has expertise in remodeling.

No emergency? Obviously, you don’t have to have an emergency in order to remodel a space! Maybe you’ve had a idea for a while and now’s the time to get started. Or perhaps you’ve seen something done in another house that would work perfectly for you! Whatever the reason, we hope you call Restoration 1 and let us big on your remodeling project.

The value of using our contractor. Ever hire a contractor and then he doesn’t show up? Or hire a contractor, only to find he doesn’t have insurance? Talk about annoying and stressful! When you hire Restoration 1 as your remodeler, you can expect top-notch customer service, someone who knows the profession and has experience in numerous fields, and a contractor that’s insured!

How do you get started? We assume you have some idea of the changes you want to make – so your first step is finding a contractor you can trust. Someone who will LISTEN to you. It would also be nice if this contractor can give you suggestions! Sometimes there are new materials on the market, or new ideas that are trending, or problematic areas that the contractor has experience with. The point is, you want a contractor you feel comfortable with and one you can trust.

How much will it cost? Now THAT’s a loaded question – and one we can only answer after we’ve talked to you, seen the space and learned more about your objectives. Once we have a good idea of what you would like to do, we’ll provide an estimate for the project.

Can I provide some of my own materials? We get it. Customers now have access to many different light fixtures, cabinets, hardware, vanities – you name it. So sure, we’ll work with your materials, you just need to have a discussion with us before purchasing any of these materials – we can help you avoid buying something that won’t work.

What type of remodeling projects do you do? We pretty much take care of anything you need. We have experience in both interior and exterior home remodeling. We will remodel bathrooms, kitchens and basements – and even add-ons – like a new room, porch, deck or gazebo. What do you need?

What other services do you provide? We can replace doors and windows, replace roofing, paint inside and out, replace flooring and even create built-ins for your home. In short, any home improvement project you can think of, we can do!

How does a remodeling project progress? Unlike some companies that pretty much keep you in the dark, we work with our customers side by side. First, we plan. We draw up plans for your new space. Once you approve and sign the contract, we prepare the project. That means we’re buying materials and obtaining permits. We work closely with you to provide details of the progress. When the materials and permits are done, we start construction. During this phase we’ll make sure you see progress so there are no surprises in the end. Finally, the project is coming to an end when we draw up the final punch list of items that need completion.

Other questions? Here’s a list of all the remodeling services we provide – https://restoration1ofwestdenver.com/service/remodeling. We’d love to talk to you. Give us a call at 720-573-2568 and let’s discuss your needs. We can answer any other questions you may have.