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Fire: What Comes First? How To Care For Pets. If You Need To Vacate.

Wooden brick house balcony open fire burning disaster outdoors

When the smoke clears and the firefighters leave, as the home or business owner, you will be faced with numerous tasks and decisions.  You may not know where to start or what to do. Here’s a guide for property owners devastated by fire. In addition, let’s talk about first steps, your pets and what you need to take with you if you have to vacate the property.

Most Important: Restoration 1 of West Denver is here to help you in every way we possibly can. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 303-416-7080.

Immediately After A Fire. Your first concern must be your family, co-workers and your own anxiety level.

  1. First, have any injuries checked and treated by a medical professional. You will want to wash small wounds with soap and water and to prevent infection, use bandages and replace them if they become soiled, damaged or wet.
  2. Next, remain calm and pace yourself. You will most likely find yourself in the position of taking charge of the situation. Listen carefully to what people are telling you. Deal patiently with urgent situations first.
  3. Be sure to check with the fire department before entering a residence or workplace. The building could be in perilous condition. Do not cut or walk past colored tape placed over doors or windows to mark damaged areas unless you are assured that it is safe by authorities. If a building inspector has placed a color-coded sign on the home or office building, do not enter until you get more information, advice and specific instructions about proceeding forward.


What Actions To Take Regarding Pets. It’s important that you find any missing pets and handle them carefully. Your pet is scared and may react by exhibiting unusual behavior. Once found, try to leave pets with a family member, friend, a familiar vet or some other facility while you are clearing your home or office. It’s a good idea to keep an emergency vet or boarding service available for just such a circumstance. If you need help, consider giving Restoration 1 of West Denver a call. We may be able to refer a few places to you. If possible, bring any of your pets favorite toys with you. These will help comfort them. And while you are taking care of your home, be sure to feed pets their normal diet and give them plenty of water. If the pets end up off-premises, be sure to visit them and take some time to play with them. Think ahead about what you will do if your pet escapes. They are often attracted to safe, recognizable places and smells. Alert your neighbors to be on the lookout for them.


What To Do If You Need If You Vacate. Bring the following with you if you are forced to leave your home or office.

  1. Money for expenses. Even though your property policy may pay for temporary housing, be sure to ask your agent if any immediate funds are available to you for food, clothing or other needs. Be sure to keep all receipts for any items you buy.
  2. Personal items. Locate items you may need. Think in terms of medication; identification; eyeglasses, hearing aids, prosthetic devices or other personal aids; any valuables, including credit cards, checkbooks, insurance policies, saving books, money or veterinarian information.
  3. Resources of value. If you are vacating a property, you may need assistance. Consider The American Red Cross as a primary contact. Call Restoration 1 of West Denver for guidance on other information you may need.

Fires are the most devastating disasters a person can go through. Knowing what you need beforehand will help keep you calm and get you moving towards recovering quickly.