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Flood Damage In Aurora, CO

heavy water runoff in the street

Your risks of flood damage

In truth, flooding occurs throughout Colorado. When snow melts too fast, when rain comes down heavy, or when dams or levees overflow. Flooding is the most common, and widespread, of weather-related disasters.

While floods in Aurora are generally caused by heavy rains, usually occurring in the summer, the development we’ve experienced in Aurora can also cause changes to the environment, creating conditions that are more prone to flooding. Actually development throughout Colorado can cause heavy water runoff in the streets. More rooftops and more pavement can lead to quickly running water, overpowering any drain system. And if there is clutter – more streets, more buildings, debris in the roads and cross ways – more flooding and flood damage is likely to occur.

Areas of flooding in Aurora. Basically, flooding occurs throughout Denver when rivers, creeks and small streams overflow. While normally presenting little danger to the homeowner, serious overflow flooding is quite possible throughout Aurora. We also experience flooding from irrigation ditches. This generally happens when there is stormwater runoff and the ditch is not designed to handle the excess drainage. The third area of flooding occurs in the streets and ponding in yards. While seldom causing damage to homes, it’s a nuisance. We are forced to drive around the water to get to our destination.

What are the chances you’ll be affected by a flood? Research has demonstrated that the “100 year flood” that we hear about, is more than likely to occur within a 30 year period. When you think about the mortgage on your house, you realize that the chances of you witnessing a flood disaster are fairly high.

Determine your risk. Obviously, if your property is in a floodplain, you were required to get flood insurance before you could get a mortgage. But what if your home is near a floodplain? Care should be taken to know the facts, and study the flood maps, to determine whether you need flood insurance.

For information on spotting water damage, check out our article on “Water Damage – In Home or Office.” And should you have an emergency, Restoration1 of West Denver is here to answer your call. Our technicians are professionals, with experience handling disasters – including fire or flood in your home or business. Please give us a call at 720-573-2568.