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Three Reasons to Do a Professional Mold Inspection After Water Damage

mold inspection after water damage
Mold is likely to go unnoticed in your home. After all, you’re busy and there are a lot of nooks and crannies throughout your house. Generally speaking, mold also tends to grow in dark, often-ignored environments within the home. We’re talking about the basement, attic, or crawlspace, if you have any of these. By the time you discover mold in these spaces, it’s too late. The mold spores have spread into the air ducts. Before long, you’ll start to feel the throat irritation, endure a constant cough, and a runny nose that won’t quit. All of this stems from a little water damage. After any type of water damage, it is highly recommended that you schedule a professional mold inspection.

Better Health for All

Everyone in your home deserves to enjoy good health. The primary reason we recommend a professional mold inspection after any sort of water damage is because of your health. Most of the mold we find today is known to cause a number of adverse health concerns, including respiratory disease, asthma attacks, depression, and even in death in the most extreme of cases.

To ensure your entire family maintains good health, you need a local restoration team to track down every last instance of mold in your home.

Finding Hidden Mold

When it comes to mold in the home, it’s often hidden. After a water leak, for instance, mold tends to grow behind the walls, within the ceiling, or underneath the floorboards. These are areas you do not regularly see – if you ever do at all. But as the mold spreads in these hidden spots, the spores ultimately spread elsewhere. They find their way into the air ducts to cause indoor air quality concerns and respiratory illness.

A professional restoration company can track the source of your mold problem. They will find every instance of mold in the home.

DIY Doesn’t Always Work

For a minor mold problem, perhaps DIY mold removal can help. But for the most part, DIY methods prove to be a scam. They don’t work. But with professional mold remediation and inspection services, you’re getting the best in the business. You’re hiring a technician with years of field experience training, and the right equipment for the job. You’re hiring someone who can guarantee you results.

For mold remediation and inspection services done right, call Restoration 1 of West Denver at 72O-605-2994 today!