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After a Disaster, Who Looks After My Belongings?

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It’s bad enough that you have to experience a disaster. With everything that’s happening, do you also have to worry about who’s cleaning any damaged property? Where is it being stored? And who’s keeping track of all the contents so that you get everything back in a timely fashion?

When fire, flood, smoke damage or water problems occur – in a home or office – you need answers quickly. You need a team responsive to your needs. A team that will keep you informed during every step of the process. When you work with Restoration 1 of West Denver, you have one contact who has all the relevant data concerning your restoration project. It’s unsettling and unproductive to work with multiple contacts at different companies. If your restoration provider is working with a third-party to manage contents, you’re not sure who to talk to, which company has your possessions and who’s cleaning any damaged property. All these unanswered questions just increase your stress level.

As a client of Restoration 1 of West Denver, we restore your home or office to pre-disaster condition. And we also take care of the contents during the entire process. So what does that mean exactly? Here’s an overview of our content processing services.

Experience counts. First, it’s important to know that a company’s experience in managing, cleaning and storing contents plays an important role in working with your insurance company. An experienced company knows what cleaning processes and equipment to use when dealing with your possessions. The processes and cleaning procedures differ, depending on whether we’re dealing with hard contents – such as wood furniture, appliances and electronics, or soft contents – such as upholstered sofas, rugs and clothing. Nowadays, with more cleaning products that are environmentally safe and technology improvements that can help restore more types of content than ever before, we can help reduce losses. Our experience in managing contents can help resolve a claim faster, as we may be able to salvage more content, reducing the cost of the claim.

Precise documentation. It’s important to be able to work with a company directly when it comes to the orderly removal, cleaning, storage and return of your possessions. Restoration 1 of West Denver is meticulous in taking an inventory of the goods we will remove from your home or office.  This documentation process, which includes photos and a complete inventory, helps us keep our clients informed as to the latest cleaning procedures and developments. And we methodically check off the list when we deliver everything back to our clients – fully restored.

Respect and care. Restoration 1 of West Denver will take extreme care to pack the contents of your home or business to be restored, deliver it off site and clean it to your satisfaction. We ensure a thorough cleaning and restoration of your possessions.

Safety is key. Depending on the disaster, our technicians also undergo a defined safety process when it comes to packing up your contents and delivering them after remediation. We are extremely concerned about the safety of our employees as well as the health and safety of our clients. We work diligently and meticulously to contain any contaminants within a defined area – shielding family and co-workers from any toxic substances.

Certified cleaning processes. Our technicians go through a contents processing training course to know how to properly clean and deodorize damaged items – depending on the type of contamination involved with the disaster. We don’t leave it to chance. We follow proven procedures to get the best results for our clients.

Single contact eases the burden. By centralizing the entire remediation process with one company doing all the work, you get answers quickly, the process goes smoothly and the entire project is less stressful. The quicker the resolution for the customer and the less painful the process, the easier it is to settle the claim.

Questions? The cost for content processing services varies, depending on the disaster and the materials affected. But we are happy to answer your questions. For more information on our content processing services, or for any disaster mitigation questions, contact Restoration 1 of West Denver at 72O-605-2994.