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After a Water Damage Emergency: Filing a Homeowners Insurance Claim


For many homeowners, dealing with their insurance company is one of the worst parts of the property damage repair process. We all know that insurance companies don’t want to pay out. They want to keep the money to themselves and leave you managing your repairs or water damage restoration out of pocket. That’s the primary reason why there is so much fine print to sift through. For example, when it comes to water damage, only very specific circumstances are covered.

If you want help with both water damage restoration and dealing with the insurance company, trust in a locally owned restoration company like Restoration 1 of West Denver to get the job done.

Things to Do Before You File a Water Damage Insurance Claim

When you plan to file an insurance claim for recent water damage, it’s crucial that you don’t overlook anything in the process.


  • Mitigate Damage – Once you’ve notified the insurance company, take steps to mitigate further water damage. You should board up broken windows, shut off the main water supply, and remove standing water.
  • Record Proof – The insurance company is going to want concrete proof of the damage. Take pictures and videos of the damage and preserve any broken parts or possessions.
  • Review Your Policy – As we said, your homeowners insurance policy is selective about what types of water damage are covered. Review your policy to determine what is covered and what is not.
  • Take Inventory – Take a moment to make a detailed inventory of your damaged possessions. To ensure reimbursement for these items, you need the details on every piece for the insurance company to assess.


How to File an Insurance Claim Following Property Damage

After you’ve reviewed your policy, gathered evidence, and created a thorough inventory, you need to prepare notice for your insurance company. Typically, you would call your insurance agent to begin the claims process. Some, however, require written notice.


  • Claims Process – Your insurance company will be in touch after you’ve filed your claim. They will explain the process and your responsibilities, then start an investigation within 15 days.
  • Adjusters – After the claim is submitted, the company will dispatch an insurance adjuster to examine the damage firsthand. You may wish to hire a public adjuster, too.
  • Settlement – After the adjuster has explored the property and damage, you’ll receive a settlement offer. If you accept, you’ll most likely receive a check in the mail within five business days and be done with the process. If you do not accept, however, you may need to fight for more money to cover the water damage and lost possessions.


Following any type of water damage, call Restoration 1 of West Denver at 720-573-2568. We offer 24-hour restoration services and can help you handle the insurance company after many years of experience dealing with adjusters.