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Finishing Your Crawl Space

crawl space restoration

Potential Crawlspace Problems

Odors, mold, mildew, condensation – these are all possible problems within a crawlspace. Restoration1 provides professional crawl space encapsulation services to protect your home. Encapsulation creates a barrier within your crawlspace that insulates it against humidity. (See photos above for before and after pictures of a recent crawlspace encapsulation). Encapsulation also helps to prevent rats, rodents and other pests from occupying your space. And the process also reduces your utility costs. It’s not a hard job to encapsulate your space, but it can be a dirty and tedious job. Restoration1 offers professional crawlspace encapsulation services to protect your home from problems.

The advantages. There are numerous advantages to encapsulation. The primary function of the process is to reduce moisture and the risk of mold. Gasses that are released by the soil, as well as dust and allergens, are also effectively blocked, leading to improved air quality. Here are some of the benefits of encapsulating a crawlspace:

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality. The air from your crawl space actually leaks into the home through floors, partitions and ducts.
  • Energy Savings: Cold or warm air seeping into the house impacts both the heat and air conditioning efficiency in the home.
  • Pest Management: When your crawlspace is encapsulated, problems with pests, rodents and their bacteria are eliminated.
  • Property Value: Crawlspace encapsulation is a long-term investment that is beneficial when you sell your home.
  • Reduced repairs: Instead of dealing with moisture and mold growth under your floorboards, you’ll pay less in repairs over time.

Even if you are not experiencing problems, finishing your foundation is a smart investment. During wet climates, your encapsulated crawlspace can prevent moisture from building up and eliminate mold or odor problems. Give Restoration1 a call at 720-573-2568 and schedule professional crawlspace encapsulation services now.