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Fire In Home or Office: What to Expect, What to Do


In this article we attempt to educate our readers about what to expect, what you can do and how much will it cost to get up and running again.

There are no redeeming factors when it comes to a fire in your home or office. It’s devastating and all encompassing. What you encounter after a fire can be just as hard to accept. In this article we attempt to educate our readers about what to expect, what you can do and how much will it cost to get up and running again.

What to expect. Your home or office may be badly damaged – if not by fire then from smoke or from the water used to fight the fire. To make sure the fire is completely out, the fire fighters may have had to cut holes in your roof or in your walls. Anything that is salvageable will have to be cleaned before it can be used. The soot and water left behind a fire is dangerous and can make you sick. Care must be taken as you go through the home. And don’t go through your home or office until the Fire Department says that it is safe.

What to do. Contact your insurance company. They often have a list of what you should do. And they can often recommend a company that specializes in cleaning and restoration, such as Restoration 1. You can also call companies on your own to get estimates. This is a big job. Make sure you understand what they will take care of and what they won’t.

Locate a safe place for your family. There are also organizations that can help. The Red Cross, Salvation Army, state and local services, your church, community groups – check around and take advantage of any help that is provided. Local services can help if you did not have insurance on your property.

Take care of your finances. Call your credit card companies and banks. Report lost cards or expected late payments. If you rent, call your landlord. And keep ALL receipts. Everything you buy may be used to prove losses on your annual taxes. Talk to your insurance company to know what the value of your home or property is. And call your utility companies. They may want to come and inspect the property before any restoration can be done.

Replace valuable documents. Make a list of the valuable documents you need to replace, such as driver’s license, deeds, insurance documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, stocks, bonds – anything you can think of. Keep the list on your phone, if possible, and gradually take off each item as you replace it. If you had cash in your home or office, and it’s burned, you can also replace that by contacting the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

Should you take part in the restoration process? That depends. Some people want a restoration process to take care of everything, saving them stress and anxiety. However, if you take part in the restoration process, you can check items and see what can be salvaged, what should be tossed. Your insurance company will also give you parameters around the value of certain objects.

How much does restoration cost? As you may expect, the cost for restoration ranges widely. According to American Family Insurance, typical costs can range from $3,000 to $26,000. The total costs for an entire home will exceed $100,000, but depending on your insurance, you can expect to pay somewhere in this range of $3k-26k for restoration. How long it takes to restore property will depend on the amount of damage and the particular restoration company you hire. Be sure you hire a reputable contractor to do the work. Restoration 1is experienced in fire damage restoration and can provide an estimate as needed. Check out our website and give us a call at 720-573-2568.