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Remove Those Stinky Odors!

man sitting on sofa covering nose due to an odor

What to do about odors in your home or office.

There are many reasons why a home or office can have odors – some of them not so pleasant. We’ve written about odor removal in homes before.  Certainly, the most common is smoking odors. If future plans include selling your house, your agent has probably told you that removing smoking odors will significantly increase the value of your house. By some estimates, a tobacco odor can decrease the value of your home by as much as 30%. And in our area, tobacco odor might include cannabis odor. Remember that while your sense of smell may be compromised because you are around the smell all day, any potential home buyers will be able to identify odors within minutes of walking into your house.

What other odors are present? If you own animals, chances are your visitors can smell a dog or cat (or other animals) in the house. This odor might signal to the potential home buyer that there will be other problems with flooring, carpeting, door frames, etc. Other circumstances can leave odors in the house that are only possible to remove if you seek professional help. Things like body odors, hoarding, blood stained areas – these are all serious concerns that become evident to potential homeowners when walking through a home or office.

What can you do? Your best chance of selling a home or leasing an office happens when the facility smells clean. Keeping your home or office clean, dirt-free and free of smells is important. Regular cleaning, airing out of facilities and frequent cleaning of possible problem areas are the best methods of keeping your home or office odor-free.

Odor removal process. If odors are already present, Restoration 1 of West Denver can help. We use the latest technology, the right chemicals and the correct procedures to clean your home and make it free of odor. Often, it will take 3-4 steps or more, involving multiple processes, to free a home of odors. Our system is designed to remove even the most challenging odors in a home or office. We first must locate the source of the odor, clean this area, deodorize it and then seal it – and possibly repeat this process 2-3 times. And don’t forget the air ducts – frequently these have to be cleaned in order to entirely remove the odor from home or office. Throughout the process we are using industrial strength scrubbers and exhaust fans, as well as certain chemicals designed to remove specific smells. It’s a tedious process and certainly not meant for homeowners to do on their own. It’s important to use technicians who are specifically trained in odor removal, so you achieve expected results, without ruining floors, walls or other surfaces.

When you have odors present. Regardless of what types of odors are present in your home or business, to remove the odor efficiently, call Restoration 1 of West Denver at 720-573-2568. We are available 24/7. Restoration 1 Of West Denver only hires professional, certified technicians who provide proven state-of-the-science services to all property damaged from odors, water, fire, smoke, mold, and other disasters.