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Smoke Damage Can Be Dangerous – Here’s Why You Need a Pro to Clean it Up

Living with even a minor amount of smoke damage in your home can be uncomfortable. It’s more than that, though. The resulting smoke damage from a recent house fire can be a detriment to your health. By understanding the risks of smoke damage, you may realize how important it is to hire a professional. The professional fire and smoke damage restoration process is crucial. Not a single homeowner out there should willingly risk their health or home – not even to save a few dollars during the cleanup process. Here’s why it’s a smart idea to hire the experts.

Smoke Damage Dangers & Risks

Let’s forget about the financials and property damage associated with smoke damage for the time being. For now, let us focus solely on the fact that smoke damage is harmful to your health. The irritants and contaminants found in your air following a fire can lead to all manner of respiratory ailments. These include:

Respiratory Issues

Perhaps the most considerable risk associated with smoke damage after a fire is the respiratory issues that occur. The smoke particles will not be visible. You won’t know which room to actively avoid. As such, it’s best not to enter the property at all. Instead, let the experts handle the damage, as they have proper safety equipment available.

Each time you enter the property, you’ll inhale soot and smoke particles left behind. These particles enter your lungs, stick to the outside walls, and create sinus troubles, lung disease, and many long-term conditions that could compromise your health.

Skin Issues

Many of us will brush off skin-related issues. After all, most can be resolved with moisturizer or medicated lotions. However, smoke irritation cannot. Your household lotions will not suffice when it comes to the burns, skin irritation, and dryness caused by smoke and soot.

Even worse, the fabrics of your furniture and clothing will hold all of that soot in and worsen your skin issues over time.

Eye Irritation

Like with your exposed skin, smoke and soot particles lead to intense eye irritation. The more you are exposed, the worse the irritation. Then, it’s human nature to rub at the irritation to try and clear our eyes. Well, rubbing makes the situation far worse. You’ll experience swelling, redness, and tearing.

As you can quite clearly see, the aftermath of a house fire does not end when the flames are extinguished. In fact, much of the damage and problems are just beginning. It’s best to hire a local restoration company, with their advanced restoration equipment and personal protective gear, to eliminate smoke and soot from the house entirely.

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