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What You Should Do When There’s A Fire

house with roof and top floor destroyed by fire

Restoration 1 also restores homes and businesses that have been damaged as a result of fire and smoke. And with the start of the new season, winter brings a whole new threat of fires. That’s especially true when the weather has been dry, with little snow. Increasingly strong winds also contribute to fires, causing trees to topple and power lines to snap.

Whether a fire occurs in home or office, it’s an experience you’ll never forget. Fire is very destructive, leaving conditions that are difficult to come back from. Afterward a fire, you find yourself constantly on edge, watching for signs of another fire breaking out.

Community Support. Following a severe fire, you can find help within the community to restore your lifestyle, your home and/or your business. Additionally, a local restoration company that offers fire damage solutions can reverse the damage.

Steps To Follow In The Event Of A Fire. Here are the immediate steps to take after a fire to minimize damage and hasten the recovery process.

  1. Contact Your Insurance Company. You’ll need to speak with your insurance provider. Before you begin repairing or restoring the damage, and certainly before you contact a restoration company, give your insurance company a call. After this initial conversation, your provider will send out an insurance adjuster to examine the damage firsthand. Their assessment will determine how much money you receive in coverage. That’s why it’s important to avoid performing any permanent repairs to the house or business before the assessment has been conducted.
  2. Call a Restoration Company. Following a severe fire, the sooner you can find relief, the better. A local restoration company can typically arrive within the hour. Once emergency serviceshave tackled the blaze, and after you’ve spoken with the insurance company, contact a trusted fire damage restoration company immediately.
  3. List Your Damaged Items. If you have kept an inventory of items in your home or business, you’re a step ahead. If you have not, in most cases, the restoration company you choose will provide a complete list of any damaged items they discover during the cleanup process. We do not recommend entering the property while it is still unsafe, but it is your choice if you wish to enter and take photographs or list any lost items from the mess.
  4. Secure The Fire Report. An often-overlooked task when dealing with a fire is securing the fire report from the local fire department. Typically, a thorough fire report will include the date and time of the ordeal, the area affected, an overall description of all fire damage, and the ignition source. This information will be useful for the insurance company’s records.
  5. Find a Place to Stay. After the fire, you’ll need to find someplace to stay. If you have any friends or family in the area, give them a call that night. If not, you may need to book a long-term hotel room for your family.

We urge homeowners to call Restoration 1 in the wake of any house fire. We routinely provide the best fire damage restoration services for homeowners and local businesses, and we will do the same for you.

Contact us for 24-hour fire damage restoration at 72O-605-2994. With one quick phone call, you can secure a top-rated service that is guaranteed to reverse the damage caused by a house fire.