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When Plumbers Make Mistakes


Mistakes on the job happen more frequently than you think.

You’re probably thinking – “Not in my house!” If and when the situation arises where you need a plumber, you’ll call a professional! Of course you will. But the truth is, making a mistake on the job happens more frequently than you think.

Here’s some of the most common mistakes:

  1. Using drain cleaners first! If your pipe is clogged, the drain cleaner may not work, which will end up being a messy job dealing with that corrosive substance.
  2. Tightening a connection too much. Overtightening happens often and when it does it can cause a flood or destroy a toilet.
  3. Not turning off the water. Yes, this should be a no-brainer, but it happens and when it does, the result is a flooded roo
  4. Not having the right tools. Surely most professional plumbers have the right tools. But maybe you called a handyman who didn’t quite have the best tool to use. If that happens, the handyman can damage the finish on a faucet or even break a pipe.
  5. Not following code. Installing the wrong valve or fitting can cause leaks that will go unnoticed for months. And when you do notice the problem, the damage is usually severe

These are just some of the mistakes plumbers make. They may not have the right permit, they might mismatch pipers – the list is pretty long.

The best solution to plumbers’ mistakes. While you may not be able to detect whose fault the problem is, you want it fixed, and now! That means you need to find the best company to rebuild “something” that’s been damaged. Bathroom, kitchen, basement – whatever flooding or leaking happened to cause damage to your house, you now want to hire a good contractor to rebuild. Here are some ideas.

  • Consider a restoration specialist. Obviously, any company that deals with water and fire damage has had to clean up after the disaster. In some instances, as is the case with Restoration 1, the disaster relief company may have considerable experience in rebuild.
  • Check Licenses. No matter who you hire, you want to make sure they have the right license and the best experience.
  • Can one company do both jobs? Obviously, after the plumber’s mistake, you’re going to need a restoration company. Finding one that does rebuilds will make the entire process easier and timely. If a single company can deal with your insurance company, keep the project going, and make all repairs and rebuilds to your specification, your stess level will stay low.
  • Check reviews. It’s pretty easy nowadays to find reviews online. Check Facebook. And check the Google My Business page for any company you are considering. Both sites usually list customer reviews.

We make it easy for our clients. Consider calling Restoration 1 for all your rebuilds – no matter whether they initiate from a plumber’s mistake or nature’s wrath. Check out our website and give us a call at 720-573-2568.